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Animal Habitat Project

Create a power point about 1 animal and their habitat. Choose an animal that you are not studying in science. 

Use the following links to research your animals:

animal research



Slide 1: Name the animal and insert a picture.

Slide 2: Identify the characteristics of the animals body. What makes it unique?

Slide 3: Identify the habitat that the animal lives in. Describe what it would be like in that habitat.

Slide 4: Identify what this animal needs to survive. What does the animal use as shelter? What    does it eat? Why?

Slide 5: Select a different habitat. Could your animal survive there? Why or why not?


When you have finished your 5 slides with the required information, you can go back and change your fonts of your name and title on slide 1 and add some clip art throughout your presentation. Make sure any clip art you include relates to the information on the slide.